Dating : Hot and Cold

Dating : Hot and Cold

I [19/M] have been dating this girl exclusively for a few months now and seeing her quite a lot of the time. For the majority, she is acting hot and interested in talking to me and being flirty but recently she has gone cold on me randomly and I don’t know why.

Recently she hasn’t seemed that interested in me and is acting cold and being blunt and doesn’t want to meet up as she is ‘busy’ and saying she’ll ‘let me know’ when she’s next free… normally even when she is busy she still wants to meet me and just a week ago she really wanted to see me all the time.

She hasn’t been calling me and speaking like she normally does and whenever I say something like ‘I miss you’ she doesn’t seem phased by it and doesn’t say anything back like she normally would.

I decided I would stop texting her to see what she said and she messaged me a few days later asking what I was doing etc. She keeps messaging me via text even though the conversation seems dry and cold from the usual convos we’ve had.

I’m trying to understand why she keeps messaging me even though she doesn’t seem interested anymore… I asked her how she was etc and she just said yeah all fine but now every time we talk it’s as if she doesn’t want to be talking to me even tho she’s always the one engaging…

I’m not sure if she’s met someone else and is just keeping me around as backup but I don’t understand why she would bother messaging me when she knows I like her.

Anyone else experienced anything like this and what did you do?

What do you think?

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