POF : A graph of women in my area

POF : A graph of women in my area

I did over 300 searches (and had to change my age a few times since POF limits the age range to +/- 14 years) to generate this graph. Maybe someone else might find it interesting or learn something from it. In my case, if I were to desire a 41 year old woman who lives nearby I’d probably be disappointed since there’s so few of them. Also, ages 23-31 on this graph should probably be even higher, but POF only shows « 600+ » when there’s more than 600 results.

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  1. I just did a spot check for ages 25-30 within 25 miles, and the numbers are basically the exact same as the first search. This time though I tallied the women who signed in within the past 30 days: 13%-16%

    So yeah, percentage wise, there’s not that many active users in my area.

  2. POF is dated, the only thing that keeps it alive is it mostly free.

    I’ve got two ladies in my area they have 4 dead profiles one active because it looks they forgot their password. Same pictures in everyone too.

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