POF : What would be a good timeline to remove POF account after a relationship has started?

POF : What would be a good timeline to remove POF account after a relationship has started?

This guy and I have only been dating 3 weeks but we have claimed exclusivity. We are super into each other and have had the most amazing time together. He says he wants to be my boyfriend, he wants me to eventually meet his kids and I have met a lot of his family as he’s really close with them and works with them. But…I do know that it’s early and anything can happen really. To take down a profile just to have to start all over again would be a pain in the ass. I have mine hidden and want to delete it. I will not be online dating again if this doesn’t work out. His isn’t hidden. I’m not communicating with anyone on there but his does show « Online Today » frequently although I don’t check every day. Who knows what he’s doing and i’m not really bothered by it super bad at this moment but I know that after a couple of months if he is still not at least hidden it will start to really bother me. I know its too soon now to ask about it (even though we have claimed boyfriend/girlfriend) but when would be a good time to bring it up?

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  1. Have the discussion about exclusivity after three months, not three weeks. That way. you’ll have observed each other in a variety of situations, will know if you’re sexually compatible, met the families, talked about credit and finances and whether you’re financially compatible, know if there’s anything healthcare issues you need to know and worry about going forward, any criminal skeletons in the closet, etc. You just don’t know these things after three weeks, no matter how into each other you are. Just my $0.02, for what it’s worth.

  2. Once you’ve agreed to be exclusive, you should shut down your online dating profiles because you shouldn’t be looking for new dates anymore.

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