POF : Am I actually having fun on PoF?

POF : Am I actually having fun on PoF?

I am an overweight bbw male and I tried PoF again because I promised myself I would if I survived 2020 and I did. So I made a new account and didnt pay a dime. I know how to navigate properly even with the paywalls and have started messaging girls to see what sticks it’s been like 5 days and I already got 2 numbers and some conversations with others. I thought to myself « why am I doing worse than last time. I was a paid member back then… » then I thought back to all those times when I would see ‘Unread, deleted’ and get depressed now I dont have the privilege of seeing that and its great. This time around I’m keeping it super casual and if a girl dont respond I delete and move on. There is plenty of fish in the sea.

Also, I have msg me in my tag so if a girl chooses not to do that, I’m good. Maybe we will match later and maybe we wont. Dont pay to see who liked you.

By. iDemacC

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