To ALL my fellow ladies out there using POF in the Spokane WA area. He goes by the name Bob, making sure every time he says his name he clarifies the spelling is with 2 Bs. We hit it off really well and ended up getting together for coffee, which ended up being a good time, so I thought. When it came time to part ways he mentioned being able to get me into a nice deal on a car. He claims to be a car salesman and could help me get into a car for very little funds no matter my credit. Bob than proceeded to tell me that he is not like the typical car salesman, unlike them he is straight up and honest with his customers. He made me feel comfortable and I that I could trust him to be honest, but again i was wrong. I admit I should have known better, but I felt good about it and gave him $200 for a car. We were going to go get it together but he got a « call' » from work and said after work we would go pick up my new car. Needless to say, i am sure you figured it out, yep he was gone and so was my $200. i should have been smarter and made better choices but I cant change what happened but I figured I can get online and warn other girls out there. H was nothing but lies girls, believe me. He is no good, lame, and a thief. His user name is Bkinditsfree(Bob). How ironic, right Be Kind its Free HAHA ..

By. mesim5677

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  1. A car for $200, right. What do you do when the fire alarm goes off in your building? Put on headphones and go back to bed as it’s definitely just going to be a drill.

  2. My red flags went off the moment you said he was an honest car salesman. No such thing! Unless you consider paying sticker price as honest.

  3. lol how stupid are you to give $200 to a random guy when he says he can get you a new car for that price? Holy shit this is on you not him.

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