Dating : question about asking a girl on a date

Dating : question about asking a girl on a date

So I really like this girl. (16 btw) I’ve taken pictures with her on insta and posted and whatnot, and I’ve been growing to her closely. Sad thing is, we don’t talk that much on snapchat and through the summer, and now it’s summer break. When we’re in classes we always make funny faces to each other and I record her funny (aka crackhead) moments and they feel so amazing to look back at. I want to ask her out to something like a movie or a lunch but nothing big. Any advice?

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  1. Go for it dude. Not talking much on snapchat doesn’t matter much if you’re happy and comfortable around her in person, which you seem to be. Best of luck

  2. I (17f) would advise you to go for it! It seems like she’s also into you from the interactions you’ve had, and she might be waiting for you to make a move. Especially now that it’s summer, it’s good to let her know you’re interested in hanging out and spending more time together.

  3. Not talking on snapchat is an advantage, because it will make you a bit different and maybe mysterious.

    I recommend asking her on a date to McDonalds.

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