POF : Can’t get any women to respond to my messages

POF : Can’t get any women to respond to my messages

Any advice on what to change on my profile/ What am i doing wrong?

By. Jaderok72

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  1. The longer I use POF, the more it seems the profiles are all fake, with few exceptions. Try using on single photos and you’ll find matches on porn sites. Every day there are more « hot » women users whose validity is suspect. Why do all these hot women have PhDs? Members write me and want to converse on their Gmail. When I do, I get the common out-of-country scam.

    I’m reaching the conclusion that the whole site is just a scam.

  2. You’re just not their type, just like me, I’m not anybody’s type except for a few rather desperate overweight women in their mid 30’s who i really didn’t feel anything for after meeting.


    Pof is shit, its full of shit women who have been on there for a long time, they never talk to anyone without a house of their own, taller than them and other crap, its full of derelict rejects who never found anyone who wanted a family with them and a bunch of women using it as a hunting ground for new lays.


    Conversation from the inhabitants of that site is fucking shiiit, they rarely have anything to say, talking is like pulling teeth, and don’t you dare flirt, anything remotely flirty or sexual and they hit the block button.


    Pof’s women are desperate, scared, stupid and selfish, you are honestly better off without them.

  3. Keep your profile brief. Make pictures where you are outside doing activities. And when texting.. Don’t say just hi.. Ask something interesting.. Something like « what’s your first memory of your self? » or maybe something less lame.

  4. Idk man, it was the same for me so I just gave up. I think maybe girls see a hot guy with abs and a soft top sports car and then they see me next and they’re like “no thx bye”.
    I’m trying to think of ways to meet people in real life, there must be someone nice out there.

  5. ive only had 1 real account msg me and i thought she was a bot so i asked her to solve a quick math problem. she called me an idiot and blocked me…holy shit my fking luck

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