POF : Dating sites and Ghosting

POF : Dating sites and Ghosting

With covid going on and the age we live in alot of people try the online dating apps. Most of them suck because they try to get you to buy options but that’s another topic. I kid you not i send a message to someone and get a few back then they wait a few days and maybe send a few more then a week goes by and nothing.

They might have other options to consider ,but have the f*cking decency to tell the person you don’t want to go any further vs just leaving it up in the air as a cloud. Usually i just don’t even care but sometimes that gets very annoying when it’s going remotely well.

In case you are curious i am a straight man looking for a straight woman and so far this online dating thing is a joke. Another thing i like to point out. The pictures in these profiles i see alot of single mom and she’s got her kids in the pics… wtf! The other majority have their « furbabys »

I like dogs but if your dog defines the relationship for both you and your possible future partner i want nothing to do with it.

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  1. First of all, it’s not ghosting if you’re just chatting with somebody on an app. It’s very low stakes at that point, or it should be if you’re approaching it in a logical way. How can one possibly be engaged enough with words on a screen to bring any kind of emotion to the table? With online dating, (should be called introductions) emotional investment is best formed through real life interactions only. Having conversations that go nowhere is just part of the process because we’re all evaluating people at each juncture. It’s only ghosting if you have met in real life or have plans to and they don’t cancel with you.

    Also, proud “furmom” here. I only have one dog pic and mention her once in my profile to get the fact across. I get it, not everyone’s a pet person. Just like everyone’s not a kid person. And even then there’s degrees of involvement if they are. They’re entitled to that, just as I am. And it’s great to be upfront about that so people can opt out if they don’t want to deal. I opt out of people with kids for example. I have no animosity to them either. That’s their path and this is mine. Nothing to get worked up about unless they don’t read my profile and message me anyways. Then they’re just wasting both of our time.

  2. The only females you’ll find on POF is the bottom of the barrel dogshit.

    I don’t like to call the girls on POF women, they don’t deserve that honor. Pigs maybe, but not women.

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