POF : Does everyone lie about their height?

POF : Does everyone lie about their height?

I’m not a conspiracy theory kinda person at all, it only occured to me recently after seeing several girls claiming to be 5’10 and upwards without looking it, that I might be being neive here.

In real life girls really go for tall men (especially in town), I’m not sure whether they pay much attention to it on dating websites or not. Also I’m pretty sure that most blokes don’t look for height in a woman, it’s neither attractive not unattractive, we just don’t pay it any attention AFAIK. Yet many women mistakenly think that blokes are interested in height and this might incentivise them to lie about it…. so they may also assume blokes will be doing the same.

I don’t like lying and haven’t so far but if everyone assumes you’ve stuck an extra few inches on your height, and effectively mentally deducts that when they read it then you’d be selling yourself out not to.

I’d like to think ppl don’t but it’s a messed up world and you never know. Any ideas?

By. beermatt

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