POF : Fake profiles

POF : Fake profiles

My area seems to be flooded with fake profiles. Anyone else having this issue? I went through 3 pages of newest members and all seem to be fake. Most have a underscore in the user name.

By. stovinchilton

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  1. Markus the guy who created POF sold his company to Match back in 2015 or 16. Ever since then the site has been flooded with fake profiles. It is much worse for guys and I only know this because most guys who complain on here post screen shots of all the fake profiles. Us girls get them too though but not as much as guys do.

    Now that Match owns it they are trying to do whatever it takes to get you to either switch to Match and pay for their service or pay for POF. Match has fake profiles too and they have mainly people who no longer use the site or are not paying members. With all of that being said if you look it up Match currently owns almost all the dating sites free and paid

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