POF : Has anyone actually went on a date from POF.

POF : Has anyone actually went on a date from POF.

I have never talked to a girl on POF that didn’t turn out to be some ad for signing up for this or that website. I know that there is a lot of this. But literally out of 30-40 different conversations they always end up trying to get me to sign up for some BS scam. I don’t understand it. I am a decent looking guy. I always have tons of mutual likes and what not but never talk to anyone real. Now im wondering if there are actually any girls at all.

By. ballsinyourface

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  1. I have been on POF since 09 and I had one long term relationship off there, and it ended due to distance. I have had short terms off there as well. It is not a bad site at all, TBH I have had more luck on POF than any other site

  2. I dated a gal I met on POF for about 2 months last year. That was literally the only girl I’ve ever met up with in 5 years of regular activity. But yeah. Lots of phantom likes and bots.

  3. I have only been on POF for about a month. I was on OkCupid for almost a year, and it was like screaming into the void, absolutely nothing. However, in the month I have been on POF, I have had meaningful conversations with 4 girls, and some interactions with a few more. I have not gone on any dates yet, but at least I seem to be interacting with real people.

    Having said that however, it seems to me that finding a quality girl on the site is like finding a needle in a haystack. Most of the people on there I would have no interest in dating.

  4. Got to meet couple girls felt no connection and ended it and got one night stand with another girl. POF overall it’s getting worse more fake profiles and escorts than ever

  5. I was on and off POF for a year and a half. Same with OKCupid and Tinder. Went on a lot of dates, but also dealt with a lot of creeps. Last January, my current boyfriend messaged me and we hit it off. Been together since.

  6. i went on a date end of novemeber after talking with this guy for 6 days. he was the sweetest and we connected on every level. i was hesitant to enter into something serious but i fell for him hard. we went on holiday abroad to Spain last week and he actually proposed. its moved fast but i can honestly say i never been happier in my life. he is definetely the one!

  7. Spoke to many, went on a few dates. Fell in love on the third date, led to a 2 and a half year relationship, got engaged, broke up and now I’m back to the dating pool.

  8. Yes, once. But then my area absolutely sucks for dating. People here get married early, have kids early, and are all obsessed with God, football, and country music. Pretty much the opposite of the type I look for. The one girl I did meet on POF turned out to be an alcoholic gold digger and a recluse. Which was a shame because other than that, she was pretty cool.

  9. First time I joined POF back in the early days when it had just started and internet dating was a new thing I was on the site for about a week when a woman messaged me, we chatted for a few days and I went on the train to meet her as she wasn’t far away. We got on really well and started dating for a while.

    Second time I started talking to someone in the US, we chatted for about six months and then I flew over and met her which was a little nerve wracking, we got on really well though and I ended up staying there for a while sampling American life.

    Other than that I have been on a few dates (I had to intitate contact though) one of which went badly and the other one she was kinda flaky due to personal stuff that was going on.

    To be honest I have always had better luck in real life, POF is all about appearances and women in general are just as shallow as men when it comes to such things , it doesn’t matter if you write a hilarious message if you look like a trolls arse then they will come and look and then ignore you. In real life you can just find something to start a conversation about, make them laugh a lot until they get that « wow I am having fun with this guy look » and then there is a chance they will give you their number, ask you out on a date or suggest you come back to their place for some metaphorical « coffee ».

  10. In June of 2017 I met someone on POF, and in 2 months we are getting married. So it is possible to meet real people from pof, maybe the amount of spam accounts will vary depending on where you live.

  11. I dated a guy for a year that I met on pof. We were incredibly serious and talking marriage. He had originally said he would move closer so we could both keep our jobs and commute close to the same distance for each of us, but then at the end demanded I quit my job and move to his city. We’ve remained friends, it wasn’t meant to be but it was a great learning experience.

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