POF : Having a good conversation with a girl who happens to be…

POF : Having a good conversation with a girl who happens to be…

a camgirl. And the strange thing is that she actually opened up to be about being one and asking me questions back and forth like if I have had much success on pof. And what kind of food & drink I like. And plenty of others. Then of course she tries to sell me on being her special guy of the night to watch her cam show.


Of course I repeatedly declined with the reason that I quit pmo for myself and mostly for them. And she keeps messaging me saying she promises to meet me soon. And she says she lives in the area that I grew up in which is only 10 minutes from where I live now.


I’m not even depressed that it’s not likely to work out.

By. marioshroomed

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  1. Doubt the picture she’s got or sent you is even her. Even when you do get as far as getting a private show, they’re showing a recording of someone else’s cam show that they stored on their hard drive.

    You’d have better luck just going to a strip club.

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