POF : I don’t get it!

POF : I don’t get it!

I’ve been using POF for a couple of months now and, I can’t seem to even get a simple response from anyone. I don’t just message « Hi » or « Hello, beautiful » I try to to mention something from their profile so they would know that I was reading what they wrote or trying to understand them as an individual. It’s not working lol

By. tdevon2018

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  1. > It’s not working lol

    If a girl that in no way where you attracted to was to send you a message, what should she write to get you to reply?

    When you can answer that, you will know what is not working.

  2. Your problem isn’t new, women get a bucketload of messages, many saying nothing more than hi, some will have an obvious copy+paste paragraph, some will be still in the stage of trying to show every woman that he has read her profile and tailor each message to that, much like you are, this will fade in time.

    None of these things will work because of what they are, you simply have to put in an absolute metric ton of effort and hope that one woman likes you or feels like answering you on that day, I believe there is no trick to it, no method that works, just pure chaotic luck, and once in a while that luck will be in your favor, then you have to hope that one woman who messages back once in a blue moon likes you.

    You aren’t doing anything wrong, but there’s no way to do it right, that’s online dating, if you want better odds try and approach women naturally in public, this has a better effort-response ratio.

  3. I had the same issue until the past few months. I’m not the most attractive guy on the planet and honestly could lose a few pounds, and I always add more substance to my messages than just “hello” “hi” or “sup?”. I too got little to no traction for a very long time. Without knowing what your photos look like or what your profile says, I think there is a basic formula you could use in order to increase these percentages when it comes to your opening messages:

    1) Keep it brief, 2-3 sentences max.
    2) Ask a witty or clever question relating to one of their photos
    3) Close with something along the lines of “you seem interesting, and I wouldn’t mind getting to know you better. My name is xxxx.
    4) Proofread and spell check before you hit send. I can’t stress how critical this is. There are more grammar nazis out there than you’d think.

    Also can I ask what type of girls are you messaging? Part of my issue was I was constantly messaging 8-10s and was getting nowhere. Lowering your standards to 6-7s I feel will drastically improve your results.

    I now am texting 6 girls simultaneously, exchanged pics (non nudes) with 3, and tentatively agreed to dates with 2 of them next week. I think the tweaks to my messaging strategy has been a big reason why my results have improved. Good luck and keep us posted on your progress.

  4. Instead of focusing your time on the written stuff, focus on your photos. Put your effort in getting better pictures. Make sure every picture you have makes you look good.

  5. I think asking for a profile review will be very insightful. Feel free to make a new thread asking for one with a link to your profile or direct screenshots uploaded. Good luck!!!!

  6. Most women receive anything from 30 to 100 messages a day so it’s a lottery if she even reads your message at all.

    Im no ugly guy and have a detailed profile, sending out about 2 to 5 messages a day for 2 months and not had a single reply, 95% go unread.

    I never do the simple « hi there » or « lets meet » in the first message.

  7. I will say always avoid pet names. Beautiful, honey, sweetie, sexy, etc seem to come off as more rude than enduring when you never met the person. It is a huge turn off.

  8. What’s wrong with ‘hi.’ I don’t have a few paragraphs for a complete stranger. Any woman that expects that is cray anyway. I can go out in real life and start a flirty conversation with a perfect 10, why in the world would i expect anything from pof? A simple look at their online users should tip you off that you’re in the wrong part of town.

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