POF : I think i am being catfished

POF : I think i am being catfished

Hey I think I am being catfished by this guy. 8 have done a reverse image search but nothing comes up in the Google one or tin eye. He avoids sending me a pic of flipping me off and he avoids video chatting. He also goes MIA on the weekends. He is under biggz011385

Update he blocked me on POF and messenger for being clingy and told me to calm down, but could never produce a work selfie or a video chat

By. Curlyloxglambeauty

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  1. If he avoids video chatting and sending a specific picture he probably is cat fishing or playing games. Block him and get to know someone else. I’ve been gettin to know a few guys lately, and they have accepted video chatting so we can see what we both look like. Lots of other fishes in the sea. Good luck.

  2. I would report it to POF. He is either really catfishing you, or he is in a relationship or married and does not want the other person to know.

  3. I also get 6 or 8 a day sometimes more its always a dead give away with the numbers on the profile, but the other signs usually confirm it, almost always one picture only of a hot younger woman, then the towns they pick crack me up, its pretty rural communities here in eastern oregon, when you see some ladys picture in these really fine clothes with a extravagant posh living room with big Chandlers, oh wait your from Harper, like maybe 50 people live there and you couldn’t buy the clothes she’s got on within 350 miles of harper, or just read the profile that will pop up red flags when its hard to understand like a Illiterate 7 year old wrote it, but really the writing looks just like what I get when I’m helping my kids who go to a dual language school, And i use google translate to change the spanish to English words can be ass backwards and in the wrong place because of the different ways we use language, don’t believe me try it, the similarities are not A coincident and finally theirs this whats your longest relationship? its always less than a year or less than 2 or 3 years always, so do these people, bots what ever think that its more attractive that they made it 45 years without dating someone longer than 1 or even 3 years, to me that just says crazy b-tch, whats wrong with you that nobody can take being around you or you them for more than 3 years, I guess you could look at it this way they’ve had the opportunity to meet/or get nasty with 10x more people than in a committed relationship, that would certainly make me feel more comfortable, if you made it this far i apologize for the rant, and my terrible punctuation, Its not something I care about or strive to improve, I hate writing and Bots and fake ass POF profiles.

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