POF : jealous censoring

POF : jealous censoring

I was banned 2014 for asking out bronx, again few years later, now Muslims censored.

Besides canada, california « Penal Code 422.55 PC…criminal act committed, in whole or in part, because of one or more of the following actual or perceived characteristics of the victim:
(1) Disability.
(2) Gender.
(3) Nationality.
(4) Race or ethnicity.
(5) Religion.
(6) Sexual orientation.
(7) Association with a person or group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics.”

guilty all 7 criteria. fake authorities never showed me warrant excessively invaded private personal information endangering many women. Jail aggressive conflict of interest cock blocking trespassers attempted murder.

1,330 & 750 pushups once for my foreign girlfriends stolen via force, fraud forgery deception pressure misrepresentation subterfuge. Suing 23 years huge hater wage theft gangs both genders.

syosset white cops trespassed without consent warrant false arrested twice after airport I said « going to date african americans » ‘act of restraint, use of physical force, failure to release, invalid use of legal authority.’ replace internal affairs with civilian review board.

By. referendumplease

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  1. What’s happening?

    You were banned off of POF for asking out « bronx » and now muslims are censored?

    You were banned because you you are a disabled, the wrong gender, your nationality, your race, religion, your orientation and your association with a group?

    You were forced to do over 2,000 pushups because your girlfriend was stolen by force? Apparently this happened 23 years ago despite the fact you were banned in 2014.

    White cops tespassed on your property with a false warrant after going to the airport? And you will date african americans . Now you want internal affairs to review your case.


    Did I get that right?


    Did the cops work for Plenty of Fish?

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