POF : Love

POF : Love

I need true love

By. Dramatic_Laugh3418

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  1. Finding true love on a dating app is very rare. Most of the time, it is a game of trial and error where you are often too anxious anf confused on what to say since you don’t know the people you’re talking to and your communication with them is devoid of the essential elements of human interaction ie, hearing each other’s voices and seeing each others faces. It is an excellent catalyst for misunderstandings and a place where wrong impressions can completely ruin the vibe of an interaction especially in the beginning since there is so much ambiguity and mystery around how each feels due to the detached, virtual nature of the platform.

    There is no secret formula to finding love. The way to know if someone is right for you is if after communicating with that person you feel your soul uplifted. If you think about this person whenever something happens that you want to share. Someone you desire to and feel comfortable with sharing all your regrets and failures with as well as achievements. True love is the liberation of the soul and the inspiration of the mind. You can’t ‘find’ that. Life has to bring it to you through a fortunate circumstance. You can increase the chances of life bringing it to you by placing yourself in social settings where everyone is relaxed and not pressured by each other.

  2. Get off the internet and go meet people when its safe. Although most people are OLDating it blows for the most part. If you rather jump the gun, go out and meet people who are willing to talk to you.

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