POF : PoF woman led me on for weeks, just to randomly end things.

POF : PoF woman led me on for weeks, just to randomly end things.

So, when I say randomly end, I mean she said she was on her way, and then the next text was the next day, to her saying she was suddenly in another country.
I’ve been ghosted, I’ve been catfished, this is new. She swore she was living in my city, even mentioned local places, she said she had gifts for my bday and xmas.
We video chatted, phone chatted both for hours at a time, hell I have pics and videos of her using sex toys she sent me, at no point did I think this could be fake.
She would blush when I did things about her in cam, nobody is that good of an actor for hours at a time.
I don’t even know why I’m sharing this, but yeah, this all felt so random and confusing, I had to share it somewhere.

By. FreedTMG

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  1. You never know who you’re meeting online. Maybe being ghosted was a good thing. It’s better she revealed her true colors now than years down the road.

    Best of luck!

  2. I had that happen on POF with a woman named Tabitha. She talked about local places, but her English kept getting worse and worse. She never wanted to meet for drinks. About two weeks in she tried to get me to send her $300. I hit eject. I think the scammers are trying to play the long game to get guys to send them money.

  3. Ghosting is never personal. People need to get over it. Anyone can ghost anyone these days. It’s a reflection of them and not you, However, do you really want a woman willing to provide sex chats with a virtual stranger? Is that the girl of your dreams? You were sexting, that’s it. All a big fantasy. She doesn’t have much self worth as a woman..she is leading with sex and you took the bait. Find a good woman or just go on Tinder for a hook up. This was not a relationship. You’re not the victim here my dear. Don’t give out too much info, don’t lead with sex talk and either meet in person in a relatively short period of time or move on. Even long distance dating is a fantasy until you meet in person. Look for someone with standards. You fell into the void..all you lost was time. Sorry, not trying to be harsh but people need to wake up.

  4. I would never trust someone who wanted to get sexual over pictures, video etc before even meeting you. I would urge you to be careful in the future in terms of giving away your own photos and videos or doing anything live on camera, in case they record it or something. Why didn’t you ask to meet her sooner?

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