POF : My date was Super Fun!

POF : My date was Super Fun!

Okay, this is an update from my « I have a date! » post from the other day. I drove north about an hour plus to Galax, Virginia. It was a gorgeous drive. I found out that downtown Galax was blocked off, and there was an antique car show going on. So, bonus! I met my date and we hugged. A genuine solid hug. Not a patpat on the back hug. We walked around drooling over classic cars and chatted non-stop. We opted to get lunch at this great BBQ place, where we continued to chat, non-stop for another couple of hours, then we went to an antique store and browsed for treasures for another couple of hours… Chatting non-stop. Then we had ice cream, and you guessed it… Chatted non stop. I followed her to her place where we chilled and chatted for a bit and then went to the river near her house and waded. Then went back to her place, and chilled/chatted on the porch while my shorts were in the dryer. All told it was probably 9 hours, and one of the best dates I have ever had. We might be othing more than friends, but I am good with that.
Edit: To the naysayer who told me to prepare for disappointment. Eat it.

By. kurtn0tk1rk

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  1. Glad you both had a great time! Never listen to the negative naysayers…they attract what vibes they put out. You went in with a positive attitude and got a positive outcome. You took the time to get to know your lady before you even met up. You did it right.

  2. I said prepare for disappointment and I stand by that, I am happy for you, this website will be a disappointment 99 times out of 100.

    The site has a large number of toxic women who never leave the place, complain about where all the « real men » have gone while demanding a 6 foot homeowner, I wish it were otherwise.

    Don’t count her out as only a friend yet, she spent a lot of time with you, voluntarily, there must have been something there.

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