Dating : Online dating experience

Dating : Online dating experience

I have tried a few online dating sites: I have **paid** for *eHarmony* and *Match,* and i have signed up for many others lik*e POF, OKCupid, and Zoosk.* Right now I am 3/4 of the way through a 6mo/get 6mo free on MATCH.


My Number one frustration is that no matter who you match with, you really have no idea if they can respond! I understand that no everyone is going to. There’s just no way to know either way. I have messaged match after match and have gotten ZERO replies. Maybe they’re not interested. I can deal with that. I only wish it would let members reply. eHarmony has those communicate for free periods, but the problem there is that there are only so many hours in a day, and the period only lasts so long. I would never expect someone to be glued to their screen for 3 days. I have gotten replies, but again, being real life, you can only reply a few times, unless you are at your screen simultaneously .


Does anyone else have this kind of luck? well, of course you do ( smacks forehead) What does everyone do? How does paying,,,when you’re willing to pay off, if everyone you try to communicate with can’t reply back? you can have it tell me when they SEE my message but i’m always stuck in an endless loop. I know it says venting but any advice is appreciated too. or in the least shared frustration thanks!!

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  1. Online dating is impossible for men unless you are some combo of tall, white, handsome, and/or willing to date very obese girls.

    It is very normal to send dozens of messages and get zero replies. Women get so many messages they only respond to the ones who look most like models and TV actors. And yes many sites scam you with old inactive profiles and people who can’t reply.

    Welcome to the hell of dating (ie. sitting behind a computer screen and getting nothing to show for it) in 2019.

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