POF : official this is last straw garbage crap

POF : official this is last straw garbage crap

this site is garbage crap site with everything not even been on it 10 minutes and already got like 5 or 6 fake profile messages

By. xRoseColoredBoyx

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  1. I’m sorry to hear about your bad experience on POF. POF is the equivalent to going to a dumpster and trying to find something salvageable.

  2. pof is a dump like burning trash you have to just give up these fakes, wont ever go away. Plus the real women wont even hold a conversation or come up with excuses or even take a long time to even reply back or never. I’d have better luck dumpster diving then use this trash site.

  3. Here’s my take. Yes you are absolutely correct. When I was on 3 years ago it was a great site. But you will catch on fast of which ones are bots or not without even seeing the message. You’ll notice patterns in the name and for sure if the message is just “Hey there :)” then you know for sure. But I’ve been able to weed out a lot of them and have made contact with quite a few real people.

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