Dating : tinder vs happn

h2>Dating : tinder vs happn

Ankita Sharma

What you should know about these two dating apps:

So, I have this friend, let’s call her Aditi, who was in a relationship for around 6 years and then came the turbulent break up. Numbers were blocked. Best friends were asked to remove the guy from the list of friends on social platforms. There was a big fight leading to incessant crying and many many sleepless nights. The usual dreadful stuff.

Things were in shambles and for a while I was part of it too. Luckily, I went overseas and got a break from the ‘she’s doing/he’s doing’ stories which turned out to be a life saver. Now, 6 months later, they’ve both moved on and basically, they’re all good.

I’m back in the country and my as-hot-as-ever babe Aditi, is now back on the dating scene and ready to rumble. Do I dare say tumble? First week that I was back she told me story after story of tinder matches, dates, 2nd dates etc. She seemed like she was committed to the dating app world and was not holding back (you go girl).

But then… week 2 came around, we were drinking some old monk (it’s been our tradition from those broke days in college) and she told me she’s off the apps.

The last time Aditi dated was pre-iPhone 5 let alone pre-tinder. Poor thing needed some help, so I did my research and came up with a few solutions:

  1. F*** apps, get retro and find your old Nokia 1100 hit them clubs & pubs like Rani from ‘Queen’. I’ll be your Vijayalakshmi.

2. Single life isn’t so bad. No husband, no kids = trips to Europe every year.

3. Tinder is about as saturated a market as the ‘Sarojini Nagar’ market. Maybe try something a tad bit different? Well back in Europe I came across happnwhich had a very many honeys on it.

Obviously I voted for number 1. But she went ahead with number 3. I still got my hair curled like Vijayalakshmi though.

And here is what we learnt from trying the new app happn, compared to tinder.

  1. happn is way better at actually incorporating a bit of romance — the app works on the lovely notion of crossing paths with someone. They try to work with that moment when you may be walking into the theater with your hands loaded with nachos and a large coke and this guy with Ranbir’s charm and SRK’s dimples, holding the door for a little longer and you know that poetry is about to happen. Smiles are exchanged but knowing your clumsiness with so much on your plate and the rush you avert eyes and your rapidly blushing cheeks. Luckily you can then find this perfect person on happn later when you look over your timeline on the app. Happn works on the idea that you’ve actually been near this person before and it gives you that second chance to reach out and say a little hello with no salsa sauce involved whatsoever.

2. Tinder is full of a lottttt of people who know the app for what it is — a hook up app. If you’re after something a little more authentic and a little more genuine, happn seems to be where those people are at right now. The kind of people who are both interesting and properly interested in finding something real. Doesn’t have to mean ‘the one’, but something where people have real connection. There may be less people on happn but there is that saying about quantity vs quality. And quality is definitely something to celebrate.

3. Happn feels much more personable. You create your profile, and it puts you in contact with your local crowd — not someone who is 200 kms away. Tinder has that infamous swiping mechanism that makes judging someone so detached, whereas happn has a little heart, a little ‘say hi’ and a little crush system which makes the whole process feel much more affectionate and compassionate.

Aditi and I are both the romantic types and this app just seems to walk that line and that, in turn, attracts the right crowd.

If you’re done with ‘open to hookups?’ kinda messages, the cheesy pickup lines and photos that do NOT match the age of that guy, then try happn.

Aditi went on way less dates, but much better ones.

Try happn today and see who crosses your path.

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