POF : POF live is toxic lol

POF : POF live is toxic lol

%70 of them are just women (and to be fair, guys too) with monotone voices spacing out into the camera and being rude to guys/ladies who come in. The guys are also cringey and instantly offer to buy stuff for the woman and start calling them beautiful. Some chats are unregulated and it becomes a toxic cesspool. Guys are constantly trying to belittle other guys to « stand out ».

I do it because on the rare occasion, I actually do find fun live streams that are heavily watched. I streamed once and kicked out anyone who was toxic. I’m not even on there to date lol (Though, some awesome folks did follow me on IG).

I remember one woman was just sitting there and aggressively turning down every guy who popped in, even good looking and fun guys. It’s mostly for validation and $$. Don’t even get me started on the celebrity personalities. Getting matched in the box is just for show.

I also feel uncomfortable getting gifts from people because the majority of them are just lonely and giving gifts to favor me. I’ve seen down right creeps be in lady’s boxes and the lady is so fake nice for the money and it’s so obvious to me. These poor people are being used.

By. Big_Oreos

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  1. Both sides are willing participants. It’s no different than OnlyFans or premium Snapchats. As long as they don’t mess with me, I don’t care what they do.

  2. Yes, it is. So is Twitch and TikTok and every other streaming service where pseudo “content” is exchanged for real money. The Internet itself is toxic. And it’s all here to stay. I’d tell you to love it or leave it, but just love it, because you’re never leaving it and neither am I.

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