Tinder : Some things never change

Tinder : Some things never change

Some things never change

By. Jakefiz

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  1. I matched with this one girl at least once a month on different dating apps for a year. She would only give me one word answers but we did end up exchanging numbers and started texting. Still I would get one word answers. After awhile I’d make stupid jokes saying how my back hurt. One day out of the blue were texting and she’s actually carrying conversations. Not ten minutes in and I’m already getting nudes. I was almost suspicious because I got a year of one words. Only took about 4 days until we hooked up and me being a jerk , I didn’t text her back. We still match on every dating app to this day ……

  2. I’ve matched with one chick 4-5 times between Bumble and Tinder. Every time she asks, “have we matched before?” And I then explain that we have and every time she asks me if I want to come over and chill.

    She then gives me her number (again) and asks me to come over, usually in the middle of the night. By the time I respond, she has deleted Tinder/Bumble and stops replying to my texts.

    I just matched with her again this weekend lol.

  3. I find it really weird how she has no greeting, or punctuation or at least emojis in her first message, just straight up « we’ve matched before »

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