POF : « Unread Deleted ». How men handle this?

POF : « Unread Deleted ». How men handle this?

When you pay for membership it shows if it was « read », « read deleted » or « unread deleted ». Without POF premium sending messages is a complete and utter utter waste of time. Since I can easily see the last time they logged in I can confidently say that 90% if profiles have a last login over one month ago. That’s enough to make anyone bitter if you are sending messages to those old profiles.

For me if I take the time to write someone a unique message based on their profile and I see that they deleted my message without reading it… I simply flag the profile. It hurts the experience and afaik it is a fake profile anyhow.

What do other men do?

By. sweetypie611

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  1. Rule 1- Be attractive

    Rule 2- Look attractive

    Meeting either of these rules should net you success. Both of them, even better, but its not guaranteed.


    Some steps i hope you are doing: Clear, clean and appropriate photos, filled out profile information. « Just ask » or blank well net you left swipes. fill out your profile and dont generalize (i.e. Interests- Sports). A lot of times i see guys who either have great photos, but nothing written on profile (looks only gets you so far), and ive seen lovely written profiles, but hideous photos. the photos arent hideous because they are ugly themselves, no, its really really bad photos.

  2. Could be for a number of reasons my man. Most times your just not what the girl is looking for. I »m sure you’ll come across someone who’s worth your time soon. Best of luck

  3. Its very discouraging. I consider myself to be attractive and I do « ok » with the ladies but 95-99% of the time I don’t get a response back, for whatever reason. Some people aren’t interested, some people are lazy, some people only want attention, etc.

    It can be very discouraging indeed, but flagging their profile for ignoring you is petty af.

  4. That’s so unfair you flag them. Look, sometimes I tap the profile picture of the message first, then go look. If they are punching well above their weight, then I don’t read the message and delete it. Also, if I’m focused on one or three (Lol, you know) men then I don’t want to start chatting with anymore at that current time and will delete other messages. You need to eat a slice of humble pie maybe?

  5. I actually have told many a man « Thanx You’re just not my cuppa and good luck » but being a new female I do get a lot of messages. I can’t, at present, answer them all. I also dont think any of mine are « bots » or whatevs. I do use the filter selection as well. So I hope that gives you a females perspective?

  6. Did y’all see that stat that OKCupid published where they stated the average looking male (avg by picture like/dislike percentage) has to send 112 messages to guarantee 1 reply?

  7. They don’t gave to read your message. What good would it even do for fake profiles to spend time deleting messages anyway? You’re simply being vindictive.

  8. I’m most definitely not ugly. If you use POF you know there are crap tons of fake profiles that get deleted before I can even click the msg notification

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