Tinder : I don’t understand why she unmatched me…

Tinder : I don’t understand why she unmatched me…

I don’t understand why she unmatched me…

By. emichael86

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  1. You had something new and original, she just found something online and copied and pasted it into her bio. Should’ve just conversed to her in copy pastas until one or both of you was naked. If my general understanding of tinder is correct anyway.

  2. My experience has been that description applies to most adults of all ages.

    And just fucking forget about it if we start talking about how bonuses are taxed.

  3. She didnt unmatch, « she » got banned because that is a fake account.

    That profile is commonly used by bots, and 99.9% of « message me on insta » accounts are fake.

  4. Anytime an account mentions Instagram it should be deleted. She uses tinder to promote for free, but dudes that actually pay for the app have to deal with all this clutter.

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