POF : Word filter filtered a potential match for me. Womp womp.

POF : Word filter filtered a potential match for me. Womp womp.

I’m pretty bummed right now. I don’t tend to get many replies. A couple weeks ago, a woman messaged me first, and we hit it off. We were sending messages back and forth for a few days, great conversation, and it was looking like a date was incoming. I didn’t ask yet because I was on a work trip out of country, but I was still replying when I got back to the hotel at night. Well, apparently, one of my replies didn’t send, even though it said it did. She was also on a trip, so when I didn’t get a quick reply like normal, I didn’t think anything of it. My trip had a lot going on from the start of the day until bedtime, so I wasn’t checking pof. I was reacting to the notifications on my phone when I had one. That was 2 weeks ago. The week after I got back from my trip, I had a ton going on, so I wasn’t checking, or thinking about pof. I hadn’t got a notification in a while, so it just wasn’t on my mind. When things settled down, I thought wait a minute, did she ever reply? I just now saw that my reply didn’t go through, and when I went to message her, she had deleted her account. First real conversation going in a while, and this happens. Friggin frig.

Scrolling through this sub, it sounds like there’s a word filter? I definitely didn’t say anything offensive. So that’s incredibly annoying if true.

By. PigletThePorkChop

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  1. Yeah there’s a word filter, but it doesn’t filter by context. I’ve had messages not go through went I sent someone a reply that simply said, « Oh wow, that sucks. » Apparently « sucks » is a bad word to POF, because you know, I was obviously talking about sucking penis when I said « that sucks. »

    For some reason POF became high-and-mighty a few years ago with word filters and age limits on who you can message.

    When I was on POF (long since deleted that shit) and I hit it off with someone, I quickly asked if we could move to text/Snap/FB/etc just to get off that stupid site.

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