The signs are unmistakable

The signs are unmistakable

You are registered on a site to meet people? Did you send a first message to a man you like? Did you then continue to trade? Problem: you are here because you are wondering if this man with whom you have been talking for several weeks is a good and serious person. You are certainly starting to have feelings for him, and have the feeling that he might just be the man in your life.

The problem is, you’ve been disappointed in the past. And you fear that your heart will be broken once again (one too many times?). This is what you are looking for signs that could indicate that he too wants to commit.

The good news is, you’ve come to exactly the right place. In this article, I’m going to share with you the signs that for sure indicate that this man is serious, that you can go from virtual to real and start a beautiful love affair together. But also the signs that should encourage you to flee, especially not to waste your time with a talkative.

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Why is it important to have an answer to this question?

Before getting to the heart of the matter, it’s important to understand why you want to learn to recognize a serious man. In love, we often say to follow our instincts. And you just created your profile on a dating site. So you should not already know inside yourself if this handsome stranger with whom you are exchanging online, or whom you have met through a dating site, is indeed interested in a deeper relationship.

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The problem is that on a dating site, it’s never easy to know who you’re dealing with. That’s why I always advise you to meet physically as soon as possible. But even then, your past and your romantic disappointments can cloud your judgment.

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Many women lack self-confidence. And have a hard time to imagine that a man could be serious towards them because they don’t love each other enough for that. By following the signs that I am going to share with you in this article, you will have more objective indicators than your feelings. And you can therefore move forward more serenely in your relationship. Or on the contrary put an end to a story that is going nowhere, and therefore you risk coming out cheated, and even more broken.

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Recognizing a serious man: the signs that never deceive

The good news is that there are almost unstoppable signs to recognize a serious man. If you are completely confused about your personal judgment, and your friends are no better advice, here are some hints that should put you on the right track.

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You are a priority for him

If a man really cares about you and wants to make you a bigger part of his life, he’ll make you a priority. It might sound logical, but how to know if this is the case with your current flirtation ? Concretely, it will put your relationship, and your needs, after the rest.

That doesn’t mean he can give it all up for you. It is perfectly normal for his family or his work to remain very important to him. But between spending an evening with you and watching a football match with his friends, his choice will be quickly made.

Otherwise, you will be rather a fun way to pass the time, and fill in the gaps in his schedule. He will therefore warn you at the last minute before inviting you for a drink. And you will discover in the thread of the discussion that a party with his friends has just been canceled at the last minute.

So if you see that your man is making an effort to devote time to you, even a lot of time, it is a sign that he really wants to engage with you. And that your relationship is in the right direction.

He is curious about you

An easy way to determine how a man really feels about you is in the depth of his curiosity towards him. When a man is serious about a woman, he wonders if she is really the one for him, and if he would see himself spending the rest of his life with her.

The most logical thing to do in answering this question is to try to learn as much as possible about it. What are his passions? His priorities in life? What does she look like in everyday life? How does she see herself in 5 years? All of these questions will allow him to determine if you are really compatible. And so if you have a future.

So if a man asks you a lot of questions, is curious to discover you in different situations (with his friends, his family, or in a more formal setting), it is most certainly that he plans to engage more seriously and wants to be sure you’re the right one.

He listens to your opinion

Respect is the glue of any fulfilling and serious relationship. And respect is born from the admiration and mutual trust that will be established between you and your man. It grows over time, and is nourished by constant listening, and the assurance of being able to say everything to others without being judged.

So if he asks you for your opinion on the decisions he needs to make, this is a very good sign. And if he takes your opinion into consideration and changes his own after discussing it with you, even better.

We all have things we’re more or less good at. And your opinion should count more for a subject he is passionate about than for an issue that is of no importance to him. So pay attention to those little details, like choosing a tie before you go to the office, or how best to confront a friend they are in conflict with. If he listens to you and follows your advice, then you mean a lot to him.

He is open and honest with you

A relationship is also based on trust. Without trust, a long term relationship cannot work. And to win it, it will be done gradually. If he sees you as a woman he wants to start a serious affair with, he will be open on all subjects and will confide with sincerity, even if he knows that’s not necessarily what you want to hear.

Knowing that it is also very difficult for a man to be vulnerable, or to reveal his fears and weaknesses, it will prove to you that he places a lot of hope in your relationship and wants it to last as long as possible.

He is really himself with you

For a relationship to last, he you have to be able to be yourself with the other person. And love each other for who we really are. And not an improved version or one which would falsely correspond to the expectations of the other.

If you feel like you can’t be yourself around him (or vice versa), the relationship will eventually break down when the pressure of duty matches what he expects from you (or vice versa).

This is the reason why it is so important to be comfortable and sincere with your partner. This will save you a lot of unpleasant surprises, and wasted time. If he is able to show you his true nature and that you really appreciate that person, it is a huge sign that you are actually compatible.

He shares his passions with you

As we have already seen a little above, a man who wants to get involved seriously will start by make sure you are compatible. And an important aspect of your long-term potential is your commonalities, or your ability to share the same passions. You can also see it in the description of his profile on the dating site. But keep in mind: Lying on a dating site has become common. Moreover, 50% of users lie on their profile. So be vigilant!

Anyway, the goal is not for you to be identical in every way. I have known couples who did not have the same interests at all, but who loved each other enough to be mutually interested in their individual occupations.

But in most cases, a man who is serious about getting involved will share the things he is passionate about with you. If only to show you who he really is. Our passions define us, and it is therefore an essential step in any love story.

Run away: signs that a man has no intention of engaging with you

By now you probably have a pretty good idea of ​​how to go about recognizing a serious man. And if your crush or partner isn’t showing any of the characteristics mentioned above (and exhibits some of the ones I’m going to introduce to you now) after a few weeks or months, maybe now is the time to move on.

He refuses to engage

To get to know him, you have certainly already asked him these questions:

 » Are you looking for here ? « 

 » Do you want to be my boyfriend? « 

« I don’t see anyone else… and you? « 

=> See the answer to the question « what are you looking for here? » « 

And these conversations never end well. He always prefer to elude the questions and answer you with a:

« Why are you taking your head? We have a good time together, don’t we? Let’s see where this takes us without trying to define our relationship.  »

This is the archetype of the man who has no intention of engaging with you. You want one thing (a committed partner). He wants another (a fun and available sex partner). The two will never be compatible. Better stop it now before you get hurt.

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Thinking of dating, he just hangs out with you

You call him your boyfriend, him only consider you a friend. The choice of words is important. They indicate in this case that he has no intention of engaging with you. On the contrary, a serious man will not be afraid to call you his wife, to talk about your future, to talk about dating and not just going out.

You only hear from him when you contact him

You realize that the only times you hear from him are when you send him a message, or call him (see sample message and catchphrases). This is of course without counting the texts that he sends you very late at night and which have for only purpose of knowing if you are available for a quick hit.

Clearly, this indicates that you are not his priority. Try not to contact him and see how long it takes him to get back to you. If the answer is several days, you have better things to do than wait after him.

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He says he’s not ready for a serious relationship

He has all kinds of excuses as to why now is not a good time to be in a relationship …

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