These are the emojis men and women like best in flirty text messages … and the ones that will make them ditch you

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These are the emojis men and women like best in flirty text messages … and the ones that will make them ditch you

IF the world of dating wasn’t enough of a minefield, a new study shows that you could be putting off potential matches with the EMOJIS you use.

No matter how good your language of love is, the pesky icons could be a major turn off if used at the wrong moment.


Women were fans of these 12 icons, as they were most likely to reply to messages containing themCredit: Clover

Dating app Clover have analyzed the emoji usage from more than three million of their users.

The data showed exactly which icons could help or harm you on your quest to find the perfect match.

There are some emojis that naturally lend themselves to sexual innuendo and research revealed that dating app users DID respond to them.


Men liked flirty graphics, including the smirking face, heart-eyed emoji and kiss markCredit: Clover

Men were engaged by the kissing lips as well as the saucy smirking face.

Women were likely to reply to the happy devil face, sweat droplets and tongue sticking out message.


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Even though these subtly naughty graphics proved a hit with the ladies, they were NOT a fan of the phallic aubergine image or flexed biceps.

Unsurprisingly, the male singletons weren’t put-off by icons with a sexual undertone.

They were immediately turned-off by the ring emoji, Vulcan salute, crying face and the pile of poo.


Maybe leave it a few months before you drop that ring emoji bombshell on any prospective partnersCredit: Clover

When it came to the emojis that were used the most, the classic smiley face was an obvious regular.

Data collected by female app users showed that the heart-eyes icon, waving hand and winking face were firm favorites.

The men clearly tried to take a romantic approach to wooing any prospective partners, regularly sending the kiss and rose emoticons.


Ladies are NOT impressed if the phallic aubergine icon is sent over as soon as they start chattingCredit: Clover

Even those that are well-versed in the world of emojis have been left confused by the icons in recent months.

Internet users were surprised when they discovered what these popular heart emoticons really mean.

And research revealed what your emoji usage says about your personality.

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