Dating : Would you date someone who “usually doesn’t date” someone of your/their race?

Dating : Would you date someone who “usually doesn’t date” someone of your/their race?

I tried it once, and honestly felt the hostility and aversion at times. Fast forward to now, and matched with someone who said “I typically don’t vibe with *** women, but I would give you a chance. I was honestly so offended!

Have you ever came across this while meeting new people? How would/did you react? Would you attempt to date someone who openly voiced that they usually don’t date people of your race?

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  1. I wouldn’t because that statement says something about how the other person thinks: « I normally don’t date skinny/fat/blonde/tall/short but I’ll make an exception for you. »

    It’s implied they find x trait unattractive.

  2. Dated men of other races and one guy told me straight up, that his family would not like having a white woman around. So I am not dating that guy now.

  3. Really depends on wording.
    Could be the person primarily lives and works with people of his or her own race.
    He or she happens to meet you and you are so wonderful that it opens his or her eyes.

  4. Short guys are constantly facing this and nobody seems to be concerned. So you are now facing the same body shaming that a short guy whose dating says « oh you are perfect but you are too short, sorry. » or « well usually I don’t try with guys under 6′ but I will give you a chance ». So next time think about it, and don’t be so picky yourself…
    I am a woman and I fight against heightism in dating.

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