Dating : I need help on getting more intimate with people

Dating : I need help on getting more intimate with people

Already posted this on r/RelationshipAdvice but figured this couldn’t hurt either

Alright Reddit, main account because fuck it.

So I just graduated college, and my old roommate came up for a few days to hang. On the 2nd day, one of his FWB wanted to hang and go swimming, so I was like, « Cool, I work at 4am, but I’m down. » She brings a friend, we all chill for a few hours, all is good.

Then it hits me; I’m crushing hard on this friend (Let’s call her Erin to make it easier)

I get her Snap and next day, I ask if she wants to hang. All is good, we have food, chat, whatever. Few days later, we hang again, and again the day after that. For background, I’ve had really bad body issues my entire life, plus a rough upbringing, so my self-confidence is all messed up in certain situations. I’ve only been with 2 people before, and have spent the past 2 years working out, reading, getting over my depression and suicide attempts. Life is good, but I hardly go out and drink, so it is hard for me to hang out with people my age at times.

I decide to go for it, let her know how I feel, and we hung out again all yesterday. She adorable, has cool stories, I’m digging her mannerisms, and that’s when I realize it…

I have no idea how to progress the situation in any way.

It ended really awkwardly, where we kinda stared at each other and she left. FUCK. SAKES.

I asked my old roommate, and his advice to just go for it, don’t think about it, but anytime I think about it, I get riddled with anxiety and don’t think I can do anything right.

Reddit, I’m embarrassed and need help. Please don’t judge.

tl;dr I have no idea how to make a move on this super cute girl I like, so the internet is my only hope

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  1. I’m a socially awkward person myself but How about try finding a common hobby or a video game you wanted to try out with her(multiplayers). I find it easier to get to feel comfortable with a person by playing a game or two with them

  2. Your friends advice is right. You just have to take a leap of faith. It doesn’t matter if you do it right or not but you just have to do it. Not doing anything guarantees that nothing is ever going to progress so you might as well go for it. You start simple like holding her hand or just getting cuddly with her. Hell you can even just ask « want to make out? ». Just do something.

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