Tinder : Works every time 😎

Tinder : Works every time 😎

Works every time 😎

By. griffboy_bdl

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  1. Not gonna lie, I’m not a teenager no more but I find this hilarious. Childish? Sure. But like fart jokes, it’s funny regardless of my age hahahah

  2. This subreddit is so shitty. Making an aggressive sex pun right out of the gates is apparently comedic gold?

    Surprisingly, OP was honest and reported that this approach didn’t work.

  3. Why didn’t you continue to use the Italian accent?

    > I get-a you’re a vegetarian but I’m-a sure-a
    you’ll be fine-a with eating-a some meat-a at
    least a once-a

  4. Protip: Vegetarians are not going to like jokes about them eating meat. It’s just kind of douchey to make jokes about it anyway, because trust me, they get a lot of dumb jokes about it day-to-day.

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