Dating : Held back by fear and low self- esteem [23/M]

Dating : Held back by fear and low self- esteem [23/M]

So, a while back I asked a girl out and she said yes. However, the next day she texted me saying she didn’t think it was appropriate to go out with me because of her position at my work and that she was already interested in someone else.

I’ve realized that I have to start meeting new people. I am also not as attached to this girl as I was a couple months back. The problem is, though, that I just feel so afraid to start dating again and my self-esteem in general is so low because I haven’t had a successful dating history.

I was wondering if someone could give me some advice on how to break out of the fear and low self-esteem that is holding me back from dating.

What do you think?


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  1. Look at it like this.. dating is a fun game between 2 people that (hopefully) have a common goal. You have literally nothing to lose in dating them as long as you’re as nice as you would be to any friend.

    You’ll be fine once you’re there and you simply want to learn more about the other person and have fun in the process.

  2. I removed all events from life that detracted from my life.


    I dont have friends and i dont date… happier life…. i dont get what others seem to get free and easy, but then no one said life was fair and women seem very happy no one is itnerested as « no one owes me anything » according to them.

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