What is the behavior of a woman in love in secret?

What is the behavior of a woman in love in secret?

It’s quite rare for a woman in love to reveal her feelings just like that for no reason. Indeed, for many years, women were led to believe that the first step had to come from the man.

So, many women find it shameful to reveal their love for a man first. But, there are some unmistakable signs that tell if a woman is secretly in love. Discover here the behaviors that say more than words.

What is the behavior of a woman in love in secret?

A clumsy woman

Awkwardness is the first revealing element of a woman’s love. Awkwardness is a characteristic of many women in the presence of the one they are in love with. A woman in love in secret will tend in the presence of the lucky one to:

  • Spill his glass when he arrives or when he talks to her;
  • Stumble when she usually has a confident gait;
  • Losing your means and your words.

These signs actually testify to a great nervousness. The only reason you might make a woman nervous is love. Indeed, unless you are known to be an executioner, your presence should not freak it out.

She observes you in secret

Being in love in secret means that you don’t want the person to notice it. Unfortunately, when a woman is in love with you, she can’t help but stare at you. It is to the limit that it does not monitor your actions. Here are some behaviors you should watch out for:

  • She is watching you in secret;
  • She looks away when you meet her gaze;
  • She tries to avoid you as much as possible.

These are the classic behaviors of a woman in love in secret.

She often seeks your company

While the solution for some women is flight, others prefer hope. She doesn’t want to confess her feelings to you, but she doesn’t want to stay away from you. It :

  • Find excuses to see you;
  • Love spending time with you;
  • Prefer when the two of you are alone.

A woman in love usually has a hard time hiding her feelings, because she wants to hide them as much as confess them. What you need to do is pay attention and listen to the people around you. They are often more savvy, and will usually put you on your toes.

Some techniques and tips to identify a woman secretly in love

Do you remember a guy you knew in school who could always have any girl?

Chances are he just read their signals correctly and it helped him avoid awkward situations.

So now is the time for you to stop being one of those men who are always misunderstood and start to understand the signals of women when they are interested in you.

Read about the important signals women usually give when they want to pursue a romantic relationship with you, but they’re too shy to say it directly.

Long eye contact.

We all make eye contact with each other at some point. But, if the woman makes a long contact and is literally unable to take her eyes off you, this might be one of the signs that she loves you. This especially shows when you are involved in a conversation with her – you can get a lot of information from the way she looks at you. When she likes you, her pupils can dilate too, so if you have such a possibility, you can look into her eyes.

This clearly shows that she is not very interested and that she is not even comfortable with what is going on.

Smiling with her eyes.

Obviously, women smile when they really like someone they’re talking to. But there are different types of smiles, and in many cases the woman is just friendly and supportive. There is a greater chance that she will like you when she smiles with her eyes because quite often women try to subtly show their interest in men in such a way. To smile with the eyes means that the smile on his mouth is genuine. To spot an eye smile, you have to look for a crease at the edge of the eye. It is a good sign if so.

Occasional physical contact

If you and the woman have met before and are just getting to know each other better, you should also pay close attention to her behavior. First of all, it might affect you naturally – like your shoulders, chest, or hands. In case you were playing a joke, she could playfully slap you.

And if you sit next to each other, your shoulders or legs may start to touch each other naturally due to the lack of distance between you.

Examine his behavior in such situations.

If she looks comfortable and is okay with touching herself, that’s clearly a good sign. Finally, the woman who likes you will often cross you accidentally or randomly touch you to get noticed. However, you should also remember that not all women are quite comfortable with touching, so you shouldn’t instantly assume the worst if she doesn’t. Perhaps, she thinks that would be too much, and awaits this gesture from you.

So if the woman has looked away, but her feet are facing you, it is often a subtle sign that she is interested in you on her end. She’s talking to you. If the woman is interested in you, she will talk to you, call you and answer your messages. In case she doesn’t do all of that and continues to ignore your initiative and avoid conversation, you might assume that she’s probably too shy and waiting for the first step from you, but the truth might be that she just isn’t interested.

The woman who takes the time to talk to you, and not just in short messages like « ok » or « good », but in detailed conversations, then you should be happy knowing that she has at least some kind of good feeling for you. you. Whether they’re romantic or not, it’s a good start.


The woman who loves you will always be smiling around you. This is the clearest signal that she is interested in you. You have to learn to tell the difference between a friendly smile and a flirtatious smile. Sometimes the girl sees you as a friend who she’s comfortable with, and she’ll laugh a lot around you. But when she flirts, even her eyes betray her. Always watch the way she smiles, and don’t forget to smile back at her. Nervousness. More often than not, women are nervous and anxious in the presence of their loves, because they certainly would not want to make a fool of themselves. Women show nervousness in different ways. For example, the girl may touch her neck, lips and collarbones often when talking to you. She can also play with her locks of hair and run her hands through her hair. You should also watch out for signs that she is imitating you – like you’re making a move, and repeating it a few seconds later. It could mean she likes you. Compliments. If the girl is interested, she will try to give compliments to subtly tell you that you are the man she wants.

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