Dating : Gave dating one more try, didn’t work out, out for good now

Dating : Gave dating one more try, didn’t work out, out for good now

I signed up for a matchmaking site for jewish people called sawyouatsinai.

Figured it was the only one that might work for me because tinder/jswipe/hinge/cmb/okc/match don’t work for me.

After a month, got nothing except rejections.

Dating is the only thing that’s not going well in my life. I just got a new very high paying job. I’m going to be moving to a sweet new apartment. Got a good group of friends and got my hobbies like rock climbing and boardgames.

Dating is the only thing that ever makes me feel bad about myself. I just need to forget about it.

I dunno just wanted to vent a bit. I’m getting closer and closer to 30. In my family, everyone including all my cousins got married by 25. Even my youngest male cousin is in a serious relationship right now. I just feel like a failure in my romantic life.

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  1. Jewish girls is the only group that I consistently have game with, which is too bad since I love big booties, but big booty hoes don’t love me. I dunno what it is about my face. I must remind them of their favorite rabbi or something.

    Maybe you have super powers with another group of women.

  2. I don’t know you but I will say that based off of the way you describe your life, it seems like you are living a great life and I think at least a handful of women would be open to sharing that with you. Sometimes things are just not happening in a certain area of our life. Comparing yourself to your cousins and family members is also not a good idea. Instead of completely removing yourself from the dating pool, maybe consider any of the things that are making your dating life harder. What apps do you use and what reputation do they have? What’s your type and why? etc etc and tailor your new dating experiences with necessary changes. it’s really ultimately a numbers gab=me and you’ll need to meet many many people sometimes before you can find one you mesh with. I’m single because I’m really really busy at this point in my life. I go on dates but after a while it becomes apparent how busy I am with school and work. I envy someone like you because you have the chance to actually find your people or person. You’re gonna be alright, and 30 is literally nothing in this day and age.

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