Dating : When missing you, I…

h2>Dating : When missing you, I…

John Will Parks IV
Photo by author, Quartz Mountain State Park, Oklahoma (June 2019)

Read the book you let me borrow, your voice speaking the words. The title reminds me of so many amazing conversations we’ve had about being our best selves.

Watch our test video for your mindfulness class — when you told the story of our first date. You’re still ten feet tall with light beaming in all directions, like the first time I saw you.

Look at our shared pictures. They’re like billboards decorating the highway of our lives together.

Draw highlighted straight color-coded lines in my calendar with the ruler your puppy chewed up. It’s just an analog version of our Google calendar, and reminds me of how many things we have to look forward to.

Take your cards (and the envelopes) everywhere with me. I love looking at your handwriting and holding your words in my hands.

Put your tank top on my face and breathe you. It’s like aromatherapy for my heart.

Read articles on things to do as a couple when separated for travel (like watching a streaming movie at the same time and texting through it).

Enjoy brands of wine that we’ve shared together. I think of the many things we have celebrated and how many toasts are in our future.

Read and re-read your Medium essays and poetry. Your writing is but one of myriad things that inspire me.

Send you pictures of everything I see so you can be here too. Especially the sunrises, when I can watch the world wake up, thinking of how fortunate I am to have another day with you in my life.

Listen to our playlist. Only Us will always be our song, although Unthinkable (I’m Ready) still gives me butterflies — I remember feeling like the most loved man in the world after you shared it.

Look at the screenshots of all the amazing things you have texted me, remembering where and when they came in and what it felt like to receive them.

Purchase t-shirts from cool places so you’ll have clothes for casual Fridays.

Give my friends hope (who are still on dating apps) when I tell them our story.

Write Medium essays about how much I love you.

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