Dating : Asking former co-worker out for dinner

Dating : Asking former co-worker out for dinner

I just recently left my job of 4 months and became infatuated with another woman working the same shift. During my last two week there I was talking and interacting with her more than I had for the last 3 and a half months. She seemed to interact with me more and when leaving on my last day she wished me luck at my new job. I found her on Facebook and was thinking of messaging her to see if she wanted to go out for dinner or drinks. Would this come off as creepy or stalkish?

I am pretty shy and I am terrible at talking to women. I haven’t been on the dating scene for 15 years and recently just got divorced. My self esteem is pretty low after the divorce and I’m hoping to boost that a little.

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  1. First message just talk to her and say hello and talk a bit about work in a friendly manner. Second message ask in a respectful way (like friends getting together for drinks) – that is not creepy at all.

  2. Would you rather regret doing something or regret not doing anything at all? And from what i read she did sound interested – if unsure, examine what barriers or fear you may have. Perhaps the answer are not too much reflection, but solved by action! Believe in yourself and do it!

    Nothing to lose

  3. IMO, ask her out if she is single.

    If she says no, you never have to see her again (eg no longer working there) so neither you nor she will feel awkward.

    And if she says yes — well, there you go. Enjoy the first date.

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