Dating : You’re Cold As Ice

h2>Dating : You’re Cold As Ice

NCiR’ Pilin’ On

And I love it!

Harper Thorpe
Photo by Todd Quackenbush on Unsplash

The days approaching Christmas
get tougher every year.
The drives I take down to the lake
to see if you’ll appear.

I’d hoped that you were in it
when they pulled up the car.
Was sure you died, but questioned, “Why’d
you take my new Jaguar?”

I loved you called me Eddie,
Endearing, but I’m Sam.
You prob’ly knew — forgot yours too,
that’s why I called you ma’am.

I can’t believe you left me
o’er dalliances coquettish.
I loved your warm beguiling form,
the others, my cold fetish.

You know those girls I bedded?
Lost souls seduced with ease.
Arrived bereft, they never left,
I keep them in the freeze.

Remember Fleur, so saucy,
I had to have that gal.
Thought she’d move on, another John,
killed her, my rationale

was she will not know better,
I’m all she’ll ever need.
She won’t grow old, forever cold,
was Dom but now I lead.

Now, Jane thought we had something,
feel bad ’bout what I did,
pushed down the stair to basement where
I keep my harem hid.

Wend was just a one-night stand,
now I’m with Cecelia.
She first seduced, then introduced
me to necrophilia!

She’s really not a bad girl,
concerned I was depressed.
Cecelia knew I still want you
and hence the weird sex fest.

I recall warmly snuggling
back seat of our Jaguar,
and if you’re found near where you drowned
I’ll love you as you are.

©2021 HHThorpe. All rights reserved.

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