POF : Is this normal? 2 messages before ghosted?

POF : Is this normal? 2 messages before ghosted?

I noticed many times i say hello with a greeting message

Then after they reply with hello. I reply back with my name and then they never respond


Me: hey there. (then profile related stuff)

Them: hi im xxxx

Me: nice to meet you xxxx. (Then anything to start small talk )

After that. … gone

By. secrectlifee

What do you think?


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  1. Yes. Even 1 message then ghosted. They have of said hi just to be nice.You have to realize women get a lot more messages so they have more to choose from. If they arent interested they arent interested.

    At the same time women who say they get a lot of messages I always wondered why dont hide your profile as some apps do this. Are you on there for attention or really serious about meeting someone?

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