POF : Why is all evidence of communication being removed from in/outbox if I’m not blocked and they arent banned?

POF : Why is all evidence of communication being removed from in/outbox if I’m not blocked and they arent banned?

Been talking with an individual for upwards of 3-4 weeks. I noticed they stopped answering recently. One day I logged in was just going to send a friendly « hey how have you been doing » see if I could strike something up again– and I had noticed my inbox was strangely bereft of our hundreds-message-long conversation.

My first thought was that they had blocked me; and I thought this was confirmed by the fact that traces of the messages don’t even appear in my outbox. It is as if they never happened.

However I can cross that off the list because when I view my recent notifications in app,I still see the « such_and_such sent you a message on this date at that time » it still shows their name and picture. Furthermore when I click on the notification it takes me to their profile, and I can send a message and see the new messaged added to the message history. So I send a new message, it returns to it’s place in my inbox (2nd or 3rd from top) as though it had never been removed. And I can see that the new message has been sent as it is now a part of that long conversation. And then a day later all traces of that message are removed from my in/outbox.

I can also view their profile, so they haven’t been banned. And again, I’m not receiving any alert saying my message won’t go through b/c I have been blocked, and the message history is being updated with my new messages.

Is this just some new privacy feature? Like maybe they’ve lost interest and are just deleting the messages and it’s trying to tell me to move on? I’m really not that invested in the person I’m just curious what’s up with the strange behavior.

By. hasidic_homie

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  1. Were either of you subscribed to PoF? I wonder if it has anything to do with that, like maybe they deleted their profile but you only see them because the payment is linked to it yet or smth?

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