Dating : A rock and a hard place.

Dating : A rock and a hard place.

Ok reddit, I have been talking to a beautiful young woman who is 24 and I am a 25 year old Male. We have really been hitting it off, and everything felt really good. There is only one problem. She lives 3 hours away from me. I like her, but I have only been in one relationship ever, and I had to keep it a secret. So I don’t really want to get into a long distance relationship, but I know she likes me a lot and it would crush her, and likely send her into a state of depression based on conversations we’ve had in the past. I really don’t know what to do. Anyone got any helpful advice?

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  1. 3 hours away is only a 6 hour round trip. you can do that for day dates on days off. if you hit it off you can always move closer if you can get a job closer.

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