Dating : How far would you drive to see a girl? Bumble

Dating : How far would you drive to see a girl? Bumble

There’s this guy I’m taking to on bumble. He lives around 20 miles away. I live in sf and didn’t bring my car because the parking is a nightmare. My radius was actually set at 11 miles but I happened to match with him because he was in my radius one night? I’m wondering if not bringing my car to the city would be a deal breaker lol

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  1. I flew from Portland to San Diego for a girl. Still my all time favorite human being I’ve ever met. We became extremely close and talked every day for a couple years as friends, and I probably would have married her but she was religious and wanted to meet a guy who was also religious. Anyway, 1,000 miles for someone amazing was totally worth it to me

  2. i have a friend who would fly overseas to go on dates with his girlfriend who lived abroad They’re married now. if a guy really likes you, 20 miles is nothing. that’s like a 30-40m which is par for the course in major US cities.

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