Dating : Dating Multiple People At The Same Time

Dating : Dating Multiple People At The Same Time

I (21F) have recently given dating apps a go, specifically Bumble. I made it very clear that I’m looking for a relationship and after being very picky and having some great conversations, I’ve ended up with 2 guys who I’m interested in. I’ve been on a date with one (it went well and we have another planned) and the other we have yet to go out but I’m still very interested in him. Is it normal to date multiple people at once? Should I let them know I’m going on dates with different people until we make it clear we’re exclusive and is there any way I can ask them if they’re doing the same? I’m just not sure how this all works seeing as how on a dating app you can get so many matches and you have to pick one and only go on dates with them, how would you possibly get to know the other people? Any guidance will be appreciated! Im normally a very monogamous, committed person, that’s why Im a little lost!

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  1. Go with what you’re comfortable. You don’t have any obligation to anyone until you define the relationship.

    Maybe it’s not even gonna work out with the second guy after the first date. But even if it does, it’s perfectly okay. Get to know them, see who you have more in common and you’re confortable with.

  2. Yes, you can always date people if you are not in a committed relationship. However, if you happen to enter into a committed relationship while dates are planned, it can lead to awkward conversations and the person may be disappointed that you have been seeing others while you were dating too.

    I always feel like monogamy is the best situation. However, first few dates shouldn’t ruin anything as this is nowhere near a relationship territory.

  3. Before you can call him boyfriend you can date multiple people. But beware, this will hold your feeling back and even when you have a boy friend you will always have a « grass is greener in the other side ».

  4. yep, it’s perfectly normal to date multiple people. it helps in not getting attached to one. I don’t tell guys that I’m dating other people unless I’m asked and I assume they do the same so I don’t ask them either. once the dates progress and you find a guy you like more, have the talk so you can have the serious relationship you want.

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