Dating : Moved to a completely new location, need dating advice.

Dating : Moved to a completely new location, need dating advice.

For context, I’m 27, male, work remotely and it’s been 6 months since my previous relationship, which lasted a year and was highly horrific.

Since then, I’ve been taking time to focus on myself, but now I feel like going out and meeting new people. I moved to Puerto Rico (I am Puerto Rican, but I spent my whole life in Florida), and I’m now newly and deeply ingrained in my culture. However, I’m intimidated about going places I’ve never been before alone. The language barrier (my Spanish isn’t the best, but my Spanglish is top notch) is a concern, I am more on the introverted side and I know no one. The dating apps haven’t given me much and half the users are tourists anyway, so it’s a short time frame to work with.

Should I just put myself out there and go to the party areas? The idea of going alone and talking to new people alone is intimidating, but I’ll try.

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  1. One, I applaud you for moving to a new place, that’s a big step. Two, PLEASE be safe. I’m not sure if you’re aware Puerto Rico has seen a huge increase in femicide in the last year or so, approximately a 55% to 60% increase depending on the news source. So no, I would not say just wing it and go to the party areas. Have you tried making some friends first ? Locals that would know the area well and you could go out with in groups ? Maybe meet some friends at work ?

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