Dating : Leonardo DiCaprio infographic and question about large age gap dating

Dating : Leonardo DiCaprio infographic and question about large age gap dating

So I was taking a look over at r/dataisbeautiful and found this terrible but funny but terrible graphic:


I try to be nonjudgemental about the personal lives of consenting adults, but most people, including me, would say Leo is a bit of a creeper for only dating young women.

What I don’t seem to ever see is similar commentary about the other party. In other words, criticism of these young women who choose to date someone twice their age.

‘Gold digger’ is a generic term that is of course used, but it doesn’t seem to attach to any individuals (Anna Nicole Smith is an obvious example, but he was 90 something).

Or are they criticised and I just don’t consume the media that discusses it? Or are they not a valid target of criticism because of something else I’m not considering?

Just want to finish by saying this is a good faith question – I’m not here to attack any one side or gender. Thanks.

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What do you think?

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  1. There’s no criticism because the dynamic is portrayed as the older person seeking someone younger, and more vulnerable to date as a way of manipulating them and the younger party as being a victim.

    I definitely don’t think this is always true but that’s the explanation.

  2. Meh, if they are consenting adults then it’s no business of mine.

    One thing I hope Leo and all people keep in mind is that status, fame and wealth may create a power inbalance in the relationship. Now that on its own is not a problem. The problem from this is when that power inbalance is used to coerce the other person into situations that they may not be comfortable with.

  3. Leo is in the top 0.00001% of single bachelors, and presumably doesn’t want to settle down yet.

    What’s wrong with him choosing to date young models who look good naked?

  4. There is nothing wrong with two adults dating at any age. Men are always attracted to youth and it never changes. Studies have been done proving it.

    Women just can’t handle it so they attack men and try to shame us for our natural sexuality.

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