Dating : Advice for developing crush for someone other than your SO

Dating : Advice for developing crush for someone other than your SO

I’ve been in a relationship for a little under a year now. Things have been good overall. A couple hiccups but nothing crazy. I’m 22 and not looking to have her move in with me anytime soon; I just don’t feel ready for that at all. She brought it up and was really upset when I told her I wasn’t ready. I understand her getting upset but it came off like my feelings weren’t being accounted for. Which has been kind of a reoccurring theme for the past month or two.

A coworker of mine has started to get pretty flirty with me and she understands that I’m in a relationship. I’ll never ever cheat on my SO. But I’ve developed this big crush on my coworker and it’s making me really confused overall. She’s really nice and genuine. It makes me feel selfish and inconsiderate having this crush though. I know it’s normal but it’s really taking a toll on myself mentally. I’ve contemplated everything over and over again.
Any advice would be awesome I know I’ll figure it out eventually but for right now, I really need some advice

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  1. If you want to keep your current relationship, dealing with the coworker is easy. Whenever you interact with her, just pretend you’re her cousin. Keep that up and eventually it will deflate all sexual tension and she may even stop flirting and you can just be coworkers.

  2. Do not date your co worker! This can back fire big time! Your job can be lost if anything goes wrong! Don’t do it! It’s also wrong towards your current girlfriend. Do not cheat on your girlfriend. Cheating is wrong 100% of the time doesn’t matter if it’s a woman or man cheating. Also, think about this…Your co worker is checking you out when you’re in a relationship. So what’s gonna happen if you end up in a relationship with her? She might check out other guys and cheat on you. This co worker is not girlfriend material.

  3. You’re 22. It’s fine to be attracted to someone other. But it’s usually best to let go of one branch before you swing to the next.

  4. Honestly you’re 22. I’d see whats up with the coworker. You don’t owe anyone all your time and affection at this point in your life. Unless you really want to. I regret wasting a large portion of my 20s on the wrong person.

  5. « Advice for developing crush for someone other than your SO », phrasing man, I got really confused x)

    No your reaction is perfectly normal and even healthy, don’t cheat oc, but that means you are still sexually someone, not only dependent on your so! 🙂

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