Dating : ALWAYS keep these two things in mind when you enter the dating scene

Dating : ALWAYS keep these two things in mind when you enter the dating scene

There’s two things you always have to remember when it comes to dating:


1. Nobody owes you shit
2. You have to work for what you want


I bring up the first because a lot of people think that being polite, holding the door open for your date, paying for dinner, etc. in some way obligates your date to give you something in return. This is completely false. If your date doesn’t reciprocate your feelings and/or things don’t work out between the two of you, don’t get upset, and definitely don’t lash out. Always remember you are entitled to absolutely nothing.


My second point is also something people seem forget: if you like someone, you have to put in the work to make something happen between the two of you. Keeping your feelings bottled up/hoping your crush will make a move first never works out. You have to put some effort in if you expect any results. My advice would be to act on your feelings immediately, so if it doesn’t work out, you can quickly move on.

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  1. While I do agree with point #1 and #2 to an extent, I will say this as a man; if I ask a girl out and she says something along the lines of “Okay, possibly, maybe, sure” or is slow to respond, I’m nope-ing the fuck out of there. Sorry but I’m not fucking chopped liver, if I don’t sense that initial enthusiasm to meet me then I’m not busting my ass. Way too many fish in the sea for that bullshit. I am willing to put in the work to develop a relationship but if the initial spark isn’t there on her end or she’s using me as a “backup plan” then she can take a hike, I’ll go find another girl.

  2. The problem is, we teach young men to believe that if they work hard, get good grades and be polite, respectful and « good » people, they are rewarded for their efforts. This isn’t true in dating, where the genetically gifted in terms of looks get all the options, leaving most men fighting over scraps. We need to teach young men that they can be great honourable people and do everything « right » in life, but they may never get laid. They may die alone. It’s a real possibility.

    I think once you a man believes he will never get laid, never have kids, never have a partner, he loses all motivation and meaning in life. You would have millions of men who have no purpose. There’s been a big rise in such men in recent years, with dating apps and social media blowing women’s expectations way beyond reality.

    For women, they would also lose the motivation to live if they could not get sex or a partner. Except that men are always thirsty for sex, so they never face this issue.

  3. oh man don’t go bringing truth into it all these people who like to blame the other person or feel that rejection has anything to do with them will lash out

    😛 would hope most people would already know all this alas i have seen the posts on here as well.

  4. 2.5 your hard work will most likely not be rewarded.
    3. Looks matter
    4. Assume everyone is gonna dislike you so you have no expectations

  5. I wholeheartedly agree with point one, but point two I feel like there needs to be a huge UNLESS at the end. You have to work for what you want UNLESS you’re a chick, in which case for most guys you can exist and wait. That’s not anyone’s fault individually, but more so society’s fault. Girls are raised that men do all the heavy lifting in the relationship so they can just wait it out, and boys are raised believing if they break themselves over backwards eventually they’ll get enough stamps on their boyfriend card to finally « get the girl. »

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