Dating : Am I dealing with a very experienced/psycho player???

Dating : Am I dealing with a very experienced/psycho player???

Back story: we met on bumble and only met him this past Monday. We went for drinks and we hooked up. Was fun

So some actions he does:

we’ve only known each other a weekish and the night we met he’d call me babe. He calls me babe frequently now.

Says I’m fun and he says he can’t wait to see me again, but does not initiate when to hang

Calls me cute

Texts me short convos and doesn’t text me till the next day and disregards the convo before

He has a huge Snapchat score like 185,000

Then last night he texts me “ily” when he got drunk yesterday. I said “wrong person” and he says “k” but I go “r u playing games” then he goes “visit me” – I take this convo as him wanting to hookup cuz it was almost 2 am

The thing is I’m thinking he’s a psycho player because who tf tells someone babe and “ily” to someone they just met. For me, that’s very intimate and it confuses me cuz I rlly like him and it hurts me if he’s playing games like that. I don’t get his MO. To me idk if I’m realllly overthinking things or he’s just a very psychological player. What are your thoughts??

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  1. >who tf tells someone babe and “ily” to someone they just met. For me, that’s very intimate

    LOL. And having sex is not « very intimate »?

    My opinion: If you know each other well enough to have sex, then you also know each other well enough to say « babe ».

  2. What if he is a player? So what?
    I say this because if you hooked up with him with the INTENTION of dating him later then that is all wrong.
    Why do you have a problem with him hooking up with other girls when both of you haven’t established your intentions in the beginning? You chose to have a fling so what’s the problem? You are able to ignore him and ghost him or tell him straight up that you don’t wanna talk anymore but just reading this tells me that you seem attracted to him and you want something more out of this. If not then who cares if he sleeps with other women, he’s not breaking any hearts nor emotionally breaking any women if there wasn’t a discussion about a relationship, to begin with. He says all those things just to sweet talk you so relax, it’s just sweet talk.

    If you want something more of this it is technically too late. Unless you have the ovaries to tell him « hey we should slow down » or « hey I actually want something more » then nothing is going nowhere.

    Hope this helps!

  3. You’ve already fucked up by basing the foundation off sex from the get go. Slow the fuck down and tell him he doesnt know what love is.

  4. Keyword ‘drunk’ alcohol makes us less aware of our behavior and he was probably super horney too. If he’s texting you that late and dropping the l-bomb it’s most likely that your a booty call

  5. Think about it this way if one of you were to get into a bad car accident and lose control of your lower extremities would you still love one another without sex?

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