Dating : As a newbie to dating, what should I know for sure?

Dating : As a newbie to dating, what should I know for sure?

I am close to 25 and I have never been on a date in my life. I have never even asked a girl out.
What should I do and where do I start?

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  1. Don’t take any advice from someone who calls themselves a “pick up artist” lol it can get very messy.

    But dating should be fun, I think! First, have a good sense of self. When you’re dealing with other people it’s best to know your boundaries and what you like. If you don’t have that it’s easy to get taken advantage of or feel uncomfortable in general.

    Then, I’d say build up your confidence. Dating is about A LOT of rejection (attractive or not idc what people say). You’ve gotta be comfortable with getting shut down or ghosted. That’s just the game.

    Next, take it slow. I hope I’m not making too big of an assumption but I’d like to think you’re more of a gentle guy if you’ve waited this long to date. More aggressive… or experienced women should notice this. Get to know her a bit and what she likes and be attentive. The guys that have remembered the little details are the ones that always have me coming back. Be respectful and call her beautiful but don’t make aggressive comments about her body (or just steer away from that in general). Still take some control. Take initiative and pick the place for the date and ask her for her availability. Offer to pick her up if you live in that kind of city but don’t take it personal if she decides to drive. If you really got it like that, you could buy her Lyft.

    Finally, just follow her lead. Pay attention to her body language. If she’s trying to get away from you or not making eye contact, she’s not interested. That’s fine. When it comes to the physical stuff, that’s tricky. If you can’t tell, it’s better just to ask. I know it’s not movie romantic but it’s safer. Respect has always just felt better.

    I’m assuming you’re going to ease into this using dating apps so use clear photos of your face and body with just yourself in them. Vary them. Smile! Make an engaging bio. Many guys use the number game and just cast a wide net and see what happens, this seems like the best bet. I’d be happy to help if you need some tips.

    Remember to always be yourself and be nice. If she has a problem with this, that’s a her problem. Good luck!

  2. Act like your living your life and to treat a first date like a job interview. Be nice but also act like they are trying to join your company. And vice versa. You want to join their company too. Think of it as a corporate merger. Gotta get down to brass tax

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