Dating : Can A Hideous Looking Guy Get A Date?

Dating : Can A Hideous Looking Guy Get A Date?

I am guessing I am the lower end of the attractiveness scale. It’s not all about confidence.

What do you think?


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  1. As someone who is new in the swiping world, I would say you are a great looking guy but that pose in the pic makes you look untouchable and aloof.
    It really isn’t about anyone else. Accentuate your positive traits and start doing some positive self talk. I agree with saying that being happy in your own skin and confidence is everything.
    I personally like character in men and don’t like pretty boys. Everyone is attractive in their own way. You are all good if you just believe it!

  2. As a female, I think personality definitely changes how a woman perceives a man. Even if you don’t think you’re that attractive, if you have a great personality it’ll make you that much more attractive.

    The opposite is also very true. A guy could be super attractive, but if his personality sucks, I no longer think he’s that good looking.

    Also just a tip, but smiling pictures are much more attractive than ones where guys try looking “tough”.

  3. Dude you don’t need to do anything drastically stupid.

    You look fine. Just workout a lot. I recommend 4x to 6x a week with proper dieting. And approach a ton of women and socialise a hell lot. Will be a slow process though.

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