Dating : College BF making a Hometown Visit

Dating : College BF making a Hometown Visit

So kinda like how the Bachelor does a “Hometown” visit during the season, my boyfriend is visiting me this summer in my hometown for a weekend. And it’s causing me a little bit of apprehension and panic.

I visited him at school a couple of weekends ago- ~400 mile trip, so it was a whole weekend adventure. And we had tons of fun. It was great we did all the things we wish we could have done during the school year. There was so much bonding and reassurance packed into the whole weekend since we didn’t think we would be able to see each other until August.

Now he’s offered to drive to visit me for a long weekend next week and I am getting kinda nervous about it. We are staying at my house with my parents- I’m not worried that he’ll not be up to par for my families expectations since my parents are really laid back. I just think the commitment is getting kinda real and that makes me nervous and I don’t know how to go about calming myself down.

Any advice? Stories?

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  1. I feel anxiety when anyone comes into town to visit, because I think i have to plan a schedule of entertainig activities so they think I’m cool. But really they just came to see me and spend time together, so I have to remind myself of that. It’s good to have some loose plans though.

    I don’t think spending a couple weekends together is necessarily a commitment, especially since there are financial/geographic reasons for the extended date.

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